Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sewing Machines and Studio Bits

I've been upgrading, repositioning, and rearranging the studio
for maximum sewing pleasure.

Here's the quilt rack I finally assembled. It's a Grace Z44.
It's been mocking me for a month or so now.
Once I figure out how to load the quilts on this monster, there'll be no stopping me!

Here's a few shots of Grams' sewing machine.
This is a Singer 329K.

It sews like a dream.
This is an entry-level bells-and-whistles Baby Lock Grace.

It's nice & light. It makes great stitches.
A White Serger Superlock 2000. Groovy seams!
Janome Coverpro 900. groovier seams! all knit all the time.
Both the coverstitch and serger on Grams' potting table I refinished.
My super workhorse - Juki TL98Q in a nifty race car red dust cover...

And a bonus new fabric storage cabinet:

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