Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Icepalooza has taken over the Midwest.
I woke to this kind of icicle action:
Just a mere week ago, we had this much snow:
(and I'm hoping for much, much, more)

Oh, how I love a winter storm.
And, of course, my trusty sidekick can't get enough of the magical white powder, either.
Today, I took advantage of the time iced-in and finished up two quilts.

The Striped Monster....
100x100 inches.
I have been collecting striped fabrics for years. years.
Finally, I finished the quilt top with them:

I braved the cold for a few photographs.
It was treacherous!

And wonderful.

This is a second, baby/lap size - about 40x50 inches.
The stripes came out a little screwy - I think it was too much for my baby camera to handle.