Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pre-cut Pinwheels

This is a pre-cut pinwheel kit I bought from John Flynn Quilt Company.
It went together pretty easily today, while I'm shut-in from a mini-snowstorm.
The top right corner looks better in person than in this photo!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Iron & Ironing Board

I blogged last month about my iron melting down. I chose the cheapest one on my list, the Classic Black and Decker. So far, I've been very, very, pleased.

My ironing board got a new look, too.
I picked up this vintage wooden board from craigslist.

To create my perfect ironing surface, I started with the wood board, added 2 layers of muslin, then the Ironslide board cover, then a fancy hand-made ironing board cover from Etsy.

Baby Onsies

Another project for today:
Ten very cute iron-on onsies for my cousin who is expecting:

Custom Seat Cover #2: solid black

Today's sewing project: custom seat cover #2 in solid black for the RAV.
Just 6 short months ago, I made this look-at-me floral orange seat cover.

Last week, I removed it to clean out the car and realized that while I adore all things orange, the inside of the RAV looks MUCH better without a floral orange seatcover.

I wanted a black & charcoal stripe, but settled for solid black.
The second version turned out better-fitting.

Not the orange joy that I had last summer, but a fantastic piece of my making-the-things-I-need.

Here's the driver's side back seat shot.
With a gratuitous shot of my hand-made scarf.

The seatbelts can still be used.

The back/cargo area where Stella rides.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Orange Crush

Orange Crush piecing is complete!
Now, to decide how it will be quilted....

Here's a close up of 4 of the 49 blocks.
All of the pieces are modern prints except one vintage print from my mom's pal.
(the vintage piece is with the red/orange flower found in the top left and bottom right in this photo)

Here's the finished top: