Sunday, July 25, 2010

Uncle David's Vintage Drunkard's Path

The wonderful vintage fabrics I first mentioned here have been cut, pieced, & quilted.

These fabrics came from Uncle David's mother & sister:

I'm pretty sure these two gals bought these fabrics, stashed it in a box, and forgot about them.
In 1955.

These cloths were in great condition!

This is my first attempt at curves and at the drunkard's path quilt pattern.
The pattern is super cute and easier than I expected.

Here, you can see the pieced backing with the vintage pieces:
I used the red fabric with green strawberries for binding (also vintage)
The curves came out so much better than I could have imagined:
Again, quilted by the fabulous gals at Melear's Fabrics in Salem & Sullivan MO.

Delivered to Uncle David this morning.... I think he loved it!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A new throne for the studio!

I went to the furniture store tonight, looking for some vessels for fabric storage.
I didn't find what I thought I wanted, but I did find some other interesting things:

I didn't buy this:
(An orange lamp!)

Or this:
(an orange clubchair)

But I did buy this nifty swivel chair for the studio.
Oh, the sewing I'll do on this!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Not loving paper piecing.

Lots more work than I imagined...
This flower took 2 hours.

What do folks like about it?


Road trip to NC with two fabric shop stops.
Two new-to-me batting.
Dream Green is made from recycled plastic bottles!
And the Simply Cotton from Maryjo's.
Bonus greens for a pal's green scrappy quilt:

I scored some red & turquoise for the next project - to be named.

Here's Maryjo's in the background.
The second quilt shop was in Tennesee - Little Blessings Quilt Shop
A happy dog retrieving a bumper somewhere in the northeast:
and in Lake Norman
On the road
I got lost in Ikea.
Hot. Jungle hot in NC in July.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

UPDATE: Reproduction 30's Fabrics Hourglass Project

I started this top a while back [the beginnings of the hourglass project] and am just finishing it.
The more I work on this, the more I adore it.
The design's traditional simplicity along with the very cute reproduction fabrics is making this a favorite for me.

And, it's huge. About 100 square inches.

I have 10 yds of a blue reproduction print that is auditioning for the backing.
If you have some ideas on what should go on the back, send me an email:!
Thanks for looking!

County Fair (cheater fabric) Quilt!

The cheater print is back from Melear Fabrics, quilted beautifully!

I used Denyse Schmidt's County Fair cheater blocks, county fair sashings, and flannel on the backside to make this especially warm.

Caitlynn's Hearts-a-Fire Quilt

Here's Caitlynn's birthday quilt!
Wrapped, before it made the journey to Baltimore:

Quilted by the gals at Melear Fabrics. It's looks great - there's little hearts all over it!

I think it was the perfect size, color, and pattern for her.
Happy Birthday, Caitlynn!

Emmalina's First Quilt

Here's Emmalina's first quilt!
I followed the tutorial at Tall Grass Studio for the wonky log cabin pattern.
It makes a great baby quilt!

Fun and wonky everywhere -
Here, I hand-stitched an "E."

Warm flannel on the backside.
Sleep well, little Emmalina!