Saturday, August 8, 2009

Grams' potting table... re-envisioned [before photos]

One of my next projects...

Refinish Grams' old potting table! It's the real thing!
It's been on her back porch for decades and is now home with me.

The porcelain top has a rich patina, so that will not be refinished.
Everything below the top is dropping paint chips, so I'll be stripping, sanding, and painting or staining.

Now to pick a color for the legs and drawer face - my first thought is always red or orange, but this might need to stay white.

The tabletop's not really that dark; this was photographed in the shade.
The drawer needs some major help! Definitely a new bottom piece and maybe some dividers on the inside.
Overall, this is a fine specimen! I'm lucky to have Grams' table and the opportunity to use it.
This will either replace the computer table I've been using OR it will be a new sewing table.

So many possibilities!

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