Saturday, August 15, 2009

A four pack of quilts back from the quilter!

Just back from the quilter today are my four latest creations:
"the orange project," bubbles and patches, 9patch cowboys, and another plainspoken. I think the plainspoken is a design that will be with me for a while.
These were, again, quilted by Melear Fabrics. Great job, again!
All four have flannel on the back to make them warm and luxurious.

There is orange flannel on the backside of this one. It's a Denyse Schmidt design.
Each piece is crooked! It made me cry a little bit.

There is light-green flannel on the back side of this one! It was a quilt-kit from Connecting Threads, made with 2.5 jelly rolls.

The 9-patches were given to me from a friend... you can't see it too well on this photo, but some of the fabric prints have cowboys on it! Yeha! I put forest green flannel on the back.

This last one has chocolate flannel on the back. This plainspoken is starting to be a fav! It's all in the palatte!
These four will be christmas gifts!!!!!
Last year, I took the handmade pledge and failed miserably! I was able to do about 10% of the gifts by hand.
This year, I've taken it again, and have pledged for 100%.
I hope I make it to 60%!

Christmas, I'm ready for you!

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  1. I think my favorite is teh plainspoken.. Nice job on all of the, Meyer.