Thursday, July 28, 2011

A visit to the farm

Today, I visited my very good friend, Liz, at her farm.
It was a glorious time with her. I decided that I don't spend enough time with her.

This is the entrance to her animal pen. It's a snazzy gate.

You can't see it in this photo, but her sign is on top of the gate.

And this cute building is her newest barn, built by a couple of cool gals, Jenny and Deborah.
Nice lookin' barn!

She has three equines. I found out tonight that a goat is not an equine. Her farm has three equine and one goat. The goat is in another category (because of the split hoof the goat didn't want to demonstrate for me) that I can't remember. Splithoof family, I think.

These two are the cutest things! 
One wanted my attention while the other couldn't care less.

This is their faces sticking out of their window.

Here, they're following Liz around the yard so I could take some photos with the zoom lens.

Here's the horse, Buddy.
He was very excited during my visit. Very. Excited.

This is the best family picture I could get.... only three of the four at once.
The goat barn is in the background.

Just when I thought the equines couldn't be outdone with the cuteness, I saw the goat playing with Liz.

It was a very serious game. 

Daisy, the goat, tired of the game before Liz did.

What a great visit to Liz's farm!

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