Thursday, May 19, 2011

It all started with tupperware

Amy, from, is hosting a Blogger's Quilt Festival to coincide with Quilt Market. To see some amazing quilts by bloggers everywhere, click on the link below:

Amy's Creative Side

I'm pretty sure that my love of orange is directly related to my love of all things from the 1970s.

What really epitomizes the color palette for me is, and always has been, my mom's funky set of tupperware:

I've always loved this set!
It's still in pristine condition, too. That handle really keeps the set together.

My name is on the bottom of the yellow bowl, made with a labelmaker much like this one:
I can't think of one thing that wasn't labeled with that label maker.

Coming up with a palette for a quilt for myself wasn't too hard. I usually start with orange.
Above is a shot of all of the blocks together, but not in the final arrangement.
Below, all set together:

The best part of this quilt, tho, isn't the color palette.
(even tho they're all my favorites)

The best part about this quilt is that it is just my second quilt hand-quilted piece.

And, it is the quilt that brought all of these fabulous people together to put it in a frame and help me start hand quilting.

We put it up in the driveway - on my grandmother's frame.
We used the quilt stands my granddad made.

Above, the backing is pinned to the boards first.
Then (below) the batting and top are attached.
And the quilting began.

These two great gals took me into their quilting circle!

Some quilt-enthusiasts showed up to support us:

Here's a great picture of one of my grams' best pals, showing me how it's done:

It was a perfect day to start a fun 70's tupperware-inspired quilt!

Particulars: 42 blocks, log cabiny, cotton batting
Progress to date: 29.5 blocks complete, binding machine-stitched to the backside.


  1. How beautiful---what a terrific quilt and story!! Love it!! I bet that was really fun hanging out outside while quilting:)

  2. What a great story and a beautiful quilt! I love Tupperware and quilting:)

  3. Amazing memories made with this quilt. I love it.

  4. I love the helpers. I congratulate

  5. I love it...a little quilting bee. Beautiful story & quilt.