Sunday, December 12, 2010

First Snow!

Winter's finally here!
We woke to our first snow....

Stella couldn't be more pleased.

You can't see it too well in these photos, but Stella's sporting a new collar from Dublin Dogs!
It's the eco-Lucks Blitzen. It's a nice festive splash of color.

This is the "come out and play" look she's perfected.
The gods have given us snow... let's not waste it.

Tho, she's been in the holiday spirit for weeks!

Snowy weather is perfect for sewing....
I have been working on two very similar quilts - one for my niece, Ashley, (commissioned) and another, smaller, quilt for a new friend I met when I bought something from her through craigslist.

Here's a sneak peek of them.

This is the smaller one, created for my new craigslist pal:

I finished and shipped it and realized I didn't photograph the finished piece.
Take my word for it: it turned out great!
I think she'll really like it. The cobalt blue flannel on the back will make this a great lap quilt for her.

Next, is Ashley's quilt laid out on the floor.
The key to the plainspoken pattern is variety within the palette!

And, for the back - purple camo flannel!
what a hoot.
I hope she likes it.


  1. Patti, your Stella is so cute!! And the quilts are amazing!

    Kim Crawford